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DP Riders - Bike Club

Our Aim:

The Dinner Plain & Hotham bike club has been formed to represent the greater Dinner Plain communities cycling aims and to encourage and grow cycling in and around Dinner Plain. Our aim is to expand the available trails directly accessible from Dinner Plain and develop what are called Flow trails, trails designed to be rideable by all levels.

At a top level the DP Riders and the Dinner Plain community would like to develop the track infrastructure around the village to give the community the ability to run 24hr, 12hr, or 6hr enduro cross-country events at an international level. Equivalent to Stromlo Scott Australian 24 Hour MTB Championships or Forrest's Kona Otway Odyssey.

As a major green season offering for Dinner Plain, mountain bike riding fits with Tourism North East strategic plan, which identifies cycling as number 2 on Victoria’s High Country five key product pillars.

 Club Membership:

Paid members, 36

Signatures of the Bike Club trail development partition: 104

 Club based Services/Activities:

Trail maintenance & development

Bike club spares and repairs.

Bike club public tours.

Skills ride weekends.

Club rides


 DP-Riders to do list:

Trail Development terms of references.

Build commercial relationships for events

 Trail Development:

 Forrest township as a model for development:

 DP Riders, Bike Club would like to put forward the Forest township in the Otways as an example of successfully embracing mountain bike riding, & trail development as a key to the towns success.

Forrest is a small town of around 200 residents. Originally established around the hard wood logging industry. In 2003 the last of the mills closed. This brought a response from the then State government to review the economic impact on the Town. Hence a study was released that suggested that mountain bike trails be established as a focal point of a new tourism lead industry. This decision was compounded by the cessation of logging on crown land.
Local Jeff Fox was sought to assist in the development of these trails. Glen Jacobs was assigned the task of managing and providing the technical knowhow.

Acknowledgements from rideforrest.com.au website: “ Also I would like to thank David Rourke (DSE) for his belief in the trails and Glen Jacobs design work. Most of all Adrian Marriner for his ability to build trails with his little magic machine.”

Forrest is a fantastic example of the community, DSE (Department of Sustainability & Environment), Parks Vic & the local Government working towards a common goal.
Forrest is now considered the gateway to The Otway Ranges National Park. Tourism now forms the basis of the towns economy, with a very bright future.


Dinner Plain's unique advantages as a mountain bike destination:

  • Extensive range of accommodation options, from budget to 5 star.

  • Bars, restaurants, cafes to support non riding times

  • Trails accessible directly from your accommodation.

  • A true Alpine riding area.

  • Direct access to the Alpine National Park.

  • A family focused riding area and village.


Track Development:


Cross county mountain biking and cycling is growing in Australia and internationally.

Cross country is by far the most popular type of mountain biking, which is related to the number of trails available, and the ease with which participants can access cross country trails

While mountain biking attracts a wide range of athletes, active participants tend to be male, younger, have higher levels of education and income, and travel with others of similar interests. Additionally, frequent mountain bikers will often travel to seek new trails, and belong to associations or clubs. “

Parks Canada Mountain Biking Market Profiles 2 © Corporate Research Associates Inc., 2010


Mountain bike tourism emerged largely as a result of the motivation of dedicated mountain bikers to experience new terrain, but has grown to include travel for participation in competition, festivals and skills training, as well as the incorporation of mountain biking into other commercial tourism activities. “



Prepared for Tourism Tasmania

  MTB Trends



National Trends


General cycling was rated as the fourth most popular physical activity in Australia in 2006, with an estimated 1.6 million participants - an increase of 17% from 2001


A record number of bicycles were sold in Australia in 2007 - 1.47 million bicycles, outselling cars for the 8th consecutive year


Approximately 70% of the bikes sold in Australia throughout 2005 were mountain bikes


A survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2000 indicated that 4.2% of Tasmanians participated in off-road cycling or mountain biking (15,300) – 8,500 in the Greater Hobart/south, 3,300 for the north, 3,500 for the Mersey-Lyell area


International Trends


Approximately 11.8 million people in the UK own a mountain bike, with an estimated 1.3 million regularly biking off road


Regular participation in the US ranged between 4-6% of the population (~14 million riders) between 1994 and 2003


~ 3.5 million German residents are mountain bikers (out of 7.2 million recreational cyclists)


mountain biking was the 10th most popular physical activity for New Zealand adult males in 2001 (10% - 128,200 people)


mountain biking was also rated the 10 th most popular physical activity for New Zealand adults aged between 25-34 years in 2001



Mountain biking is a popular physical

activity on an international scale, with

participation rates continuing to increase.

It is likely that the participation rate for

both general cycling and mountain biking

in Tasmania has increased significantly

since 2000. Anecdotal evidence suggests

that there is an increase in the number of

commuter cyclists, the increasing demand

for mountain bike accessible and/or

specific trails, the increase in nationwide

bike sales, and the construction of


MTB trails across the state.

Local bike shops indicated that the most

popular type of bikes sold are mountain

bikes in the $500 range, followed by

mountain bikes in the $1000 range.

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.Accessed on the 9th September 2008.


Australian Bicycle Industry (2006) The Australian Bicycle Industry Report 2006 , page 11.


Genesis Strategic Management Consultants (2008) Draft: The Sustainable Development of Mountain Biking in

Scotland – A National Strategic Framework , UK, page 2.


Koepke, J. (2005) Exploring the Market Potential for Yukon Mountain Bike Tourism , Cycling Association of

Yukon, Canada, page 4.






Prepared for Tourism Tasmania


Track Requirements:

  • Cross country flow style tracks. Flow tracks are a style of track designed to accessible to all levels,

  • Major design consideration is water flow and the tracks need to designed with this in mind.

  • Opening the lapsed cross-country trails in lot 2 as beginner trails and our equivalent of the rail trails. From a development perspective these trails are a quick fix.


Overview of the intended roll out for 6, 12, 24 months.

 6 month plan (Complete 2013 spring/summer)


A first stage of MTB track network development.


1. Survey and map full trail development around Dinner Plain and surrounding area. Create a complete trail map master plan.

  • Completed by end of August 2013


2. Clean up a selection of the current trail network, including 4wd & old cross country ski trails. Opening these areas as flow style trails to make them more assessable to all riding levels. While still maintaining vehicle access & cross country ski access in winter.

  • Completed by end of November 2013


3. Signage: trail head signs, trail branching signs.

  • Completed by end of September 2013


4. trail maps, paper & digital.

  • Completed by end of September 2013


5. DP-Riders website development.

  • Completed by end of August 2013


6. Dinner Plain Funduro event

  • Tracks defined. July 2013

  • PR, posters and marketing. Started July

  • Event


7. Lot 2 cross-country trail access opened up for beginner riding. These are accessible currently existing trails that need to be reopened for summer & winter. They provide Dinner Plain's equivalent of rail trails

  • Completed by end of December 2013




12 month goals (2013-2014)


Ground works start on the next stage of trail earth works, new signage, grow the funduro event & develop new cycle based events.

1. Implement stage 2 of the master plan for trail development.

New trails in the lot 3 area.

A staged release of new trails ready for riding, with key dates being Easter 2014, Australia Day.

2. New signage for trails.

3. Open negotiations with parks vic about expanding into parks around dead timber hill area and below.

4. Get quotes for development within Parks if point 3 established.

5. Expand the Funduro and incorporate it in the new Alpine Enduro weekend for 2014 expanded to include the new longer trail developed in the previous 6 months.

 6. DP Cyclocross event.

Complete feasibility study of the new cyclo cross event for Dinner Plain. Plan the event.


18 month – 2 years goals: (2014)

 1. Implement stage 3 master plan trail development.

  • Expand trails in the lot 3 area to competitive level.

  • All the trails in lot 3 area complete by November

2. Trail development in Parks area re-12month point 4.

3. Develop extra events on the new expanded trail network.

Complete feasibility study for new events & plan July 2014